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One of the worst aspects about the large number of sunny days residents of Aliso Viejo and other locations throughout Southern California experience is the damage the sun rays do to our vehicles and even our skin. During Aliso Viejo Mobile Auto Glass more than 10 years in the auto glass business, we have found that a high quality window tinting job will not only prolong the vibrant colors of your car or truck's interior, but it will also help protect both the driver and vehicle occupants from the sun's harmful UV rays. Our highly experienced mobile technicians are capable of providing California-compliant, tinting services on the road at no extra charge to the customer from accomplishing the job in the shop. Clients looking for window tinting also search us by using:

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In the state of California, the amount of window tint allowed on your automobile's windows is governed by state law. When you seek out a tinting service for newly repaired or existing auto glass, we recommend you seek out an experienced company such as ours to keep your car or truck looking sharp, but to also avoid getting in trouble with the law.

In our state, the authorities measure the darkness of tint by VLT, or Visible Light Transmission percentage. This is the total amount of light that can be seen through the combination of the tinting film and your window. Our highly experienced technicians are not only trained to never exceed the maximum allowed by regulation, but to actually test compliance and provide you written documentation that your vehicle conforms to regulation.

Auto Window Tinting

When you hire our company to accomplish a window tinting job of any type, you will experience only first rate service. We train our employees to only follow manufacturer approved processes and procedures while working on your auto glass, and they will never cut a corner. Our technicians are more than happy to explain to you how much tint you can have us apply to each side of your automobile. In California, one of the more popular (and allowed) requests that we have from our clients is to apply very dark tint to the rear and back side windows of larger automobiles. For many of our customers who are new to getting an auto window tinting service, our technicians are able to show you pictures of past jobs that we have accomplished on the road to give you a better idea of what the different percentages of tint will look like when we are done working on your automobile. Keep in mind; however, that California will only allow us to tint your front side windows to a VLT of 70% (light passing through). On the windshield, our limitation is that only non-reflective tint is allowed on the upper four inches of the automobile’s windshield. If you're searching for us, try using:

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  • Auto Window Tinting Mission Viejo

If you think you might be in the market for a high quality window tinting service that will not break the bank, it is worth your while to give the staff at Aliso Viejo Mobile Auto Glass a call today. Our expert staff is here to answer any questions that you might have with this or any other auto glass question. We can combine auto glass repair or replacement jobs with tinting services accomplished by our mobile repair teams on request with no issue. We look forward to your phone call, and please give us a ring today.

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